The Sea Tales Of Captain Rummond & Seamen Cap'n Rummond, a washed up ol' dog was under Edward Teach's command untill he was disbarred for stealin' all the rum, t'was unfair 'cause it was tasty like a cookie, but Cap'n Rummond moved on. He promised himself he'd go back to the sea, this time the captain! So he got himself a job and hoped that there would be no ruckus! although there probably will be ruckus because of all the naughty old bastards on the land but he decided he would do it anywayhe decided he would need a elite team of pirates but first he would need some of dem monies hes heard so much about. As he saved a lot of dem monies, he bought himself a boat, n his Seamen. Hiz last day of hiz job was, as like the hard workers at his job recall, "ARRGH MEH MATEYS, IM GONNA GO AND SAIL DE SEVEN SEAS! FUCK YOU ALL, DOWN DAVEY JONES LOCKER!" Den he ripped hiz work clothes out, n transformed into a pirate in 20 seconds or less.