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To Do's and Not To Do'sEdit

Since this website is a literature website, and also a trollpasta site. We have categories of stories that can be put on your story. Whether if its a Drama, Comedy, Horror (See Creepypasta) Or Whatever category there is. Feel free to put down whatever category your story is under. If your pasta is labeled under Horror, and it has the following...

  1. Bad Spelling
  2. AlTeRnAtInG cApS

It'll be deleted on site... There is a difference between Comedy, and Trollpasta. The difference are...

For Comedy, it is well written, funny, and has good grammar. For Trollpastas they have horrid spelling, stupidly funny, and have horrid grammar.

ALSO, one admin may bring back a creepypasta if it has one of the 3 things not DO TO on it, but he/she may replace the category with "Trollpasta" instead of "Horror"

How to Write a PastaEdit

Well... As long as it has one of the following (if it isn't a trollpasta)

  1. Good Spelling
  2. No Alternating caps, nor all caps
  3. The "8 Spaces to start a paragraph"

Then the writing choice is up to the user. Quote; You may NOT follow these rules if you are writing one of the following

  1. Documenting Musicians/Bands/Solo Artists
  2. Posting/Copy and Pasting Lyrics/ Singles
  3. Documenting Paintings
  4. Documenting Artists
  5. Documenting Actors/Actresses
  6. Documenting Movies/Cartoons/Short Films

Also, unlike some of the sites. We also allow Spinoffs (I.E Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, The Rake, Pokepastas, MLP, and other stuff that the Creepypasta site doesn't allow. Again, this is a collision of all the wiki's the owner likes.)