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General Rules

  1. Unless otherwise stated, animated GIF files are fine to post.
  2. Screamer GIFs are never okay. Posting a screamer is a week ban per screamer. If you are not sure if your image is a screamer, you should not be posting it.
  3. Obey the rules and restrictions of any given gallery. This means read the descriptions. Seriously.
  4. If you break a not make things worse by trying to undo an edit or edit a page that is broken. Kindly tell an admin via their talk page, chat, or email and they can roll it back. We don't need to have the recent activity flooded with all 300+ images in the gallery you just reverted.
  5. Do not make our lives harder by posting duplicate images. If you have any doubt, double check. If you are sure you are not posting a duplicate, double check anyway.
  6. Make sure you are posting your images in the correct gallery.
  7. Do not under any circumstances add a picture of another user to any page that you may upload. It poses a serious privacy issue and will be treated as such with a one week ban. One will still be blocked from editing even with the excuse of "but the user said I could".
  8. Do not add your own picture to an article you've written if it is just for the sake of putting your picture on the article. You will be blocked for one day if you do this. There are exceptions to this rule, however. If the picture you post of yourself is relevent to the happenings of the story (i.e. you post a picture of your zombified self in a story about you being a zombie), this is okay.

Screencapped Imagry

  1. Screencaps of threads or forum posts and/or stories in image form are fine to go here.
  2. Make sure you put the name of the story as the description so it appears under the image in the gallery.

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