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What are Categories?

See that list below? Do NOT add a category to a page that is not on this list below. Doing so can and will lead to your account being blocked from editing. We are not like most wikis with thousands of pointless categories, most with one or two pages linked to them. The categories on this wiki are intended to be indicative of the main theme(s) of a story. See the appropriate section for how to suggest new categories.

The Categories(That are used in Pastas/Stories, Photos, and Videos)

(If you want to suggest a category, please go on Fatals' message wall here ---> Hai Der )

20th Century: Anything made from 1900-2000

Alternative: Music that is Alternative (ex. Alternative Rock)

Animals: Pasta's that have animals!

Anime: T.V, Music, or Books that have anime in it

Bands: If you make a page about a band, this is the category for you.

Baroque: Anything made from 1600-1750

Blues: Any music that is Bluesy

Classical: Anything made from 1750-1820, also music too

Comedy: Pasta's that are so funny, it can make anyone laugh!

Country: Music that is country... RIDE EM COWBOY!

Creepypasta: Pastas that are so scary, that they are classified under here. Also, it is the same as Horror, so there will be no category called "horror"

Dance: Music that brings a beat that makes you dance!

Drama: Pages that might have sadness, or arguments, are included in this category.

Easy Listening: Any music that is very easy to listen too!

Electronic: Music that sounds from the future!

Hip Hop/Rap: Music that gives a catchy beat!

Industrial: Music that sounds like rock and electro mixed!

Medieval: Music/anything made before 1450

Modern: Anything made from 1945-present

Metal: Any band that plays rough, heavy metal music.

Music : If you have anything that makes, writes, or listens to music. This is the category for you...

Musical Instrument: If its anything that plays music, then this is the category for you...

Musicians: If you make a page about a specific Musician, like Danny Elfman, or James Hetfield, this is the category for you...

Notation: From whole notes, to 164th notes, this is the category for you...

Painting: Stories that documents paintings, or pics that are painting

Pop: Pop, pop, pop, pop music!.

Reggae: Music that have some soul, mon!

Renaissance: Anything during the time period of 1450-1600

Rock: From Rock N Roll- modern day rock. For any bands that are rock bands, put this category under the page.

Romance: Love is in the air for these pastas/stories

Romantic: Anything made during the time period of 1810-1910

Sheet Music: If a page has Sheet music, or this category is documented, this is the category for you...

Solo Artists: People who have a band, but they use their name for the band.

Terminology: Terms used in Scores and, or, compisitions.

Trollpasta: If pastas are stupidly funny, or just horrible, this is your category... Also, there is a difference between comedy and trollpasta... Also, visit here Trollpasta  

World: Music Around the world!

The Categories(That are very special, and are only used by Admins only)